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Combining history and technology, the Safran Museum allows you to organize all types of events in an exceptional venue, including symposiums, conferences, seminars and receptions. Its 500-seat auditorium is fitted with audiovisual equipment, and we can offer food and beverage services.

The Louis et Laurent Seguin auditorium offers:

  • Seating for 500, with portable stands
  • A 12.5 x 4 meter main stage (41 x 13 ft), with fully-equipped lectern
  • Portable stage (4 x 2 m/13 x 6.5 ft)
  • 3 screens + 3 HD video projectors
  • VGA control console
  • Wireless microphones, possibility of lighting services
  • Magnetic loop for the hearing-impaired


The new museum gallery presents Safran’s contribution to the conquest of space (both French and European), through an exhibition of engines and launcher mock-ups, in which various companies within the Group played a part.


Teachers, give your students un unforgettable introduction to the history of humanity's conquest of air and space. Members of the Association of Friends of the Safran Museum will be on hand to guide your classes and transmit their passion for aerospace to the younger generation.





Students at universities and engineering schools, whether headed for an aerospace career or not, will also enjoy a visit to the Safran Museum's unrivaled collection. From the first aircraft engines to the Ariane 5 launcher, this voyage through aerospace history is also an unrivaled opportunity to discover the major achievements of France in general and Safran in particular.



The Safran Air & Space Museum also has an extensive collection of technical documents, magazines, etc., allowing researchers to delve more deeply into their subjects. And don't forget that the members of the Association of Friends of the Safran Museum are participants and witnesses to the incredible history of aerospace – feel free to ask them any question you may have!






" We thank the staff of the SAFRAN museum for his hospitality at the meeting TOYOTA / HARLEY DAVIDSON. As organizers, we have appreciated the availability of the technical teams of the Safran Museum who were involved in the success and smooth running of the event. Obviously, the museum has delighted all participants with its impressive technology! See you soon! "

Cyrielle Beauge, Marketing TOYOTA-HYUNDAI




" Word of mouth is a key success factor in business. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Seine-et-Marne department near Paris therefore teamed up for the first time with BNI (Business Network International) to organize a Business & Networking evening at the Safran Aerospace Museum. BNI is the largest business networking and referral marketing organization in the world.

The 200 participants at this event applied the well-known "speed business meeting" concept, also know as speed networking. Each person had two minutes in each meeting to present their business activity, so they had to be clear and concrete, as well as captivating and convincing. All participants were seeking to make a maximum number of contacts in as short a time as possible, to create and expand networks with fellow leaders who could become future customers, suppliers and partners.

Feedback from participants was very positive. They also noted that the evening's success was in large part due to the unique nature of the Safran Museum, which combines a large reception capacity with a user-friendly environment and a historic setting that spurs creative business networking, backed by all technical equipment needed. "

Jonathan Soisson, Chargé de Mission Centre de Veille Stratégique. C.C.I de Seine et Marne



" Descours & Cabaud chose SAFRAN Museum to accommodate 100 clients through its "Day Iday premium" on the subject of Innovation. This magical place dedicated to aviation has delighted all participants. As organizers, we appreciated the involvement of technical teams SAFRAN Museum to accompany us with sympathy and efficiency. "

Michèle Brignier, Director of Communication, Descours & Cabaud





" November 22, 2012 : an unforgettable evening for "A Moment To Undertake" with 360 business of the Seine et Marne in a prestigious and friendly place as the SAFRAN Museum. The spaces allow to combine debate-conference, professional exchanges with cocktail ... To relive again. " Corinne Visse, Responsible customer event and relational development




"The SAFRAN Museum is fantastic, unique, full of emotions caused by such technological marvels that every year, do not miss to amaze our exhibitors and visitors at our traditional exchange trading Circuit Road season: thank you again for allowing us to use this place, a "hidden gem"!"

Alan Geslin, President of the Circuit Road Association



"The FACOM team wishes to acknowledge the professionalism and availability of SAFRAN museum that has relay our brand values during the evening presentation catalog F13."

François Vannini, Regional Sales Manager, FACOM



"It was an agreeable surprise for our guests to discover this superb museum, when most of them probably expected to find a couple old engines scattered in a messy old garage! They admired these artfully-lit aircraft engines, presented in a contemporary staging, all set against the backdrop of an exhibition centered on the development of engine technology over time.

From propellers to jets, all the way toEurope's Ariane family of launch vehicles, the history of aerospace propulsion is explained to the fascinated visitors. The visit also features very knowledgeable guides [generally retired Safran engineers and technicians], who know how to transmit their passion for their former professions. And it also inspires us to bring our children, who will be equally fascinated.

Our evening event with more than 100 participants was a real success, thanks to this excellent venue, its conference facilities, introductory visits, which the spouses also enjoyed, its skilled and devoted staff… not to mention the easy access because it's right near the expressway! This museum is perfectly suited to hosting high-quality, original events."

Jean-Luc Martin, President of the Briard Regional Festival, President of the Dionysos Cultural Club




"Our event was very successful, and earned praise from all participants. The particular characteristics of the venue and the very warm and efficient welcome (equipment provided, technical managers on hand) clearly played an important role in the success of our event. The excellent support provided by members of the Museum association also contributed to its success. I'm sure that successful events like outs will help publicize this fascinating venue."

Marie-Claude Vieron, Secretary-General, Environment, Travel and Regional Development directorate

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