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2019 European Heritage Days: come and discover the Safran Museum!

The Safran Aerospace Space Museum in Réau (Seine et Marne) is opening its doors to the public during the Heritage Days on September 21 and 22.
Journée Européenne du Patrimoine 2019 - Musée Safran

Visitors will be able to discover a collection of aeronautical parts dating back more than 100 years, in addition to taking part in many activities:

  • An inflatable planetarium houses space-related projections, letting visitors admire the stars.
  • Cockpit of the Airbus A320, an aircraft powered by the CFM56*, the world's best-selling engine, enabling visitors learn how to fly an airliner, from takeoff to landing.
  • 15 simulation stations for different airliners, fighters and helicopters, allowing visitors to take the controls and put themselves in the shoes of a pilot.
  • A temporary Louis Blériot exhibition to mark the 110th anniversary of the crossing of the Channel.
  • A presentation of the Factory of the Future - an immersive experience featuring a virtual reality headset.
  • A "Sky Maker" stand showcasing the aeronautical production professions, making it possible to answer all visitors' questions about these professions at Safran.
  • Various hands-on workshops for both young people and adults:
    • airplanes made of lightweight materials: to learn how to build your own plane and fly it. 
    • water rockets and powder micro rockets (children aged over 8): to understand the various stages of space propulsion in an entertaining way. The rockets will be fired from the Museum parking lot (average altitude: 10m).
    • radio-controlled drones: in order to learn how to fly these electric machines. For the first time this year, five drones will be available.

Finally, visitors can also check out the Museum's permanent collections:

  • The Messier 1925 car (the first car equipped with an air- gas suspension system).
  • The gas-powered motorbike (Gnome & Rhône D3 from 1929).
  • The "Mirage III C" plane and the "Alouette II" helicopter, on board which visitors can be have their photo taken.
  • The "Blériot XI" plane (equipped with the first Gnome Omega engine)

For more details, you can visit the Museum's website at www.museesafran.com or contact us on +33 (0)1 60 59 41 66.

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