Floating on eggs!

Test launches for the annual Rocketry Challenge took place the weekend of March 28-29 at the Safran Aerospace Museum. A total of 18 teams of junior-high and high-school students came to test their model rockets, and eight were coached by Safran employees.

actualité casser des oeufs

The objective of this international competition, organized inFranceby the association Planète Sciences, is to launch a rocket to an altitude of800 feetin a flight lasting 46 to 48 seconds, and to ensure a safe landing of its sole passenger – an egg!

Safran is supporting eight teams from the greater Paris area via the Association of Friends of the Safran Museum Our employees worked weekly with these students to help them develop their projects.

During the test weekend, the Museum shook with the "rocket blasts" of these miniature launch vehicles. The youngsters were delighted with the weekend, but also realized how much work remained to be done before the final. As the French saying goes, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs…"

The next date on the agency is at the Museum on May 30 and 31, where 73 teams will be competing to win the national trophy in the 2015 Rocketry Challenge!


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