The Safran Heritage Center

Les Frères Seguin

The Safran Heritage Center is tasked with preserving, managing, communicating and harnessing Safran's heritage documents (visuals, audiovisual, etc.).

Set up on 1 July, 2006, the Heritage Center is affiliated with Records Management, which reports to the Group's Legal Department. It reflects Safran's desire to preserve, communicate and share its history, rooted in passion and innovation for more than a century.

This Center is intended to provide a unique gateway to Safran's heritage and help you discover the Group's history, through all the companies that make up the Group, mainly:

  • Safran Aero Boosters
  • Safran Transmission Systems
  • Safran Electronics & Defense
  • Safran Aerosystems
  • Safran Nacelles
  • Safran Electrical & Power
  • Safran Aircraft Engines
  • Safran Cabin
  • Safran Power Units
  • Safran Landing Systems
  • Safran Helicopter Engines
  • Safran Seats



  • Set up an organization for heritage archives, in addition to coordinating and managing them.
  • Define Safran rules for the management of heritage collections.
  • Ensure and improve the management of heritage archives in compliance with the various legal obligations and specific needs: collection, sorting, classification, inventory, conservation, communication and harnessing of collections.
  • Ensure their preservation and integrity.
  • Design and conduct projects to promote and disseminate heritage-related information within the Group.
  • Advise internal and external audiences as well as the Safran Museum on research requests and simplify their access to heritage collections
  • Establish and develop external relations with former Group employee associations, "heritage" divisions of aeronautical groups, trade associations, museums, etc. (See box Learn more)
  • Set up an agreement between the companies and Safran SA to transfer their visual and audiovisual heritage collections to the Safran Heritage Center


Get involved

Your professional and personal archives have great historical value, whatever however or whenever they were made: photographs, videos, printed documents (newsletters, internal company reviews, leaflets relating to various pieces of equipment), items and more.

We need your help so that we can add to our collections and offer proper preservation of your documents!

The Safran Heritage Center will then be able to showcase your documents by way of exhibitions, documentaries, articles and the like.

Whether it is a gift or a loan, the Safran Heritage Center undertakes to provide you with a written certificate of your contribution by means of a form or a transfer report.

Need to carry out a project?

Exhibition, documentary, audiovisual, article or book, perhaps? If so, the Safran Heritage Center will support you with your project to:

  • Target your needs in order to deliver the documentary and/or visual collections that will best suit your project.
  • Provide you with useful media: visuals, printed documents, audiovisual documents, posters and promotional items from our extensive and diversified database.
  • Advise you when it comes to providing information about or developing the collections.

Discover a selection of the Group's photographs and historical documents in the Heritage Media Library

Please address any queries you might have to the Safran Heritage Center so that guidance can be provided.


The various media in a few figures in 2018


Media type Number of media Digitalized media
Soundtracks 154 154
Auio cassettes 247 247
Microfilms 516 516
Items 1,278 1,110
Films 2,032 1,951
CDs/DVDs 5,042 -
Posters and advertisements 5,628 5,115
Video cassettes 5,740 5,600
Printed documents 15,686 10,583 (equating to 368,355 pages)
Visuals 1,387,046 117,287
Total 1,423,215 142,409


Learn more

Our partners

  • Association des Amis du Musée Safran (AAMS),
  • Associations d'anciens salariés du Groupe: Association des Amis Labinal Villemur (AALV), Association des Anciens de Messier (ACAM), Association des Anciens et Amis de Safran (ACARS)
  • French Ministry of Defense,
  • Service Historique de la Défense (SHD), which holds the archives of Hispano-Suiza,
  • Service interministériel des Archives de France (SIAF)
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