The Safran Heritage Center is in charge of preserving, managing, making available and capitalizing on Safran's archives (photos, illustrations, texts, films & videos, etc.).

ATAR 101V - le premier essai au banc de ce moteur date de 1948.

These archives represent the "memory" of Safran companies, which the Records and Archives Managers seek to preserve, transmit and share.

Created on July 1, 2006, the Safran Heritage Center works closely with Group companies through bilateral agreements. The Center is designed to be a single-point-of-access for Safran's heritage, and a guide to help you discover the Group's history. Here are the main companies that making up Safran : 

  • Safran Nacelles
  • Safran Ceramics
  • Safran Transmission Systems
  • Safran Electrical & Power
  • Safran Landing Systems
  • Safran Electronics & Defense
  • Safran Aircraft Engines
  • Safran Helicopter Engines
  • Safran Aero Boosters

Our key partners:

  • French Ministry of Culture – Service interministériel des Archives de France/Interministerial Center for French Archives
  • French Ministry of Defense, Service Historique de la Défense/Defense History Department
  • Association des Amis du Musée Safran (AAMS)/Association of Friends of the Safran Museum
  • Association des Amis de Labinal Villemur (AALV)/Association of Friends of Labinal Villemur Association des Anciens et Amis de Safran (ACARS)…
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