Safran documents

Moteur Gnome Oméga

Documents collected from all Safran group companies include Illustrations, photos, videos, technical publications, press releases, brochures, magazines, ads, research and test records, blueprints and other drawings, etc.

These archives are inventoried and classified as they are received, whether provided by Group companies, as acquisitions, or from donations. They are made available to employees and researcher.

The site's Media Library gives you access to a selection from the Safran Heritage Centre's collections.



To see more photos and contact the Safran Heritage Centre team, you can also consult the Heritage Media Library. This web-accessible database offers a selection of photographs from the Safran Heritage Centre's collections. All internet users can access the public collections and certain users may obtain private access subject to approval and upon request for work reasons (media, universities, museums). 



This library houses a selection of the Group's collections managed by the Safran Heritage Centre. It contains several sections, including: > Find the entire library


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